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Accommodation for minors


"In the case of a minor (a person under age 18) staying alone or in a group of minors only,
we would request to the parent / guardian to fill out this form and submit to the hotel.
Please submit the [Parental Consent Form for a Minor Staying  Hotel] from by mail or e-mail before check-in, or bring it with you at check-in."

The personal information you provide will be used only for the purpose of this agreement. All guests are required. If we cannot confirm the consent of the guardian at the time of check-in, please confirm by telephone on the spot and then submit the consent form by the guardian by fax or mail at a later date.

Stay JAPAN Corporation

Address:〒103−0028 1Choume-3-7 Yaesu,Chuou-ku,Tokyo 

                                    Yaesu First Financial Building 13F

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