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​FAQ (Stay SAKURA Tokyo)

We have updated frequently asked questions from customers using Stay SAKURA Tokyo. You can also search from the search box below.

About reservation 
Q. Can I make a reservation by phone or email?  

A. It is possible. Please contact us by phone from 050-2018-7883 or by email from the inquiry form.
Q. Is the reservation from the official website paid in advanceor is it paid locally?
A. Both prepaid and local payments are possible.                            

Q. Is there any reservation changing fee or cancellation fee?                           
A. A cancellation fee will be charged depending on the plan and situation. Please check the contents of the plan.                            

Q. How far in advance can I make a reservation?                
A. Basically, it is possible up to 6 months in advance. 

Q. Is it possible to make a reservation / accommodation only for minors?
A. Please contact us in advance as a consent form is required. Please download and prepare the minor consent form from here.

Q. Is bed-sharing free for children?How many children can do teh bed-sharing?
A. One infant can sleep with each adult. The number of people who can sleep together varies depending on the room type, so please check the room details when making a reservation.  

Q. Is it possible to stay for a long period of one month or longer?  
A. Some facilities are available. Reservations can be made up to 99 days on the official website, so please make a reservation from there. Some facilities have restrictions. In that case, please contact us directly.

Q. Is it possible to extend or shorten the period?
A. The extension of the accommodation period depends on the availability. There may be have some additional charge, so we will inform you after confirmation. Please contact us for shortening.

Q. Do you accept group accommodation reservations?     
A. There is a limit to the number of people, but we accept it. Please contact us by phone from 050-2018-7883 or by email from the inquiry form.

■Accommodation / Services 
Q. Is the front desk staff multilingual?
A. Yes, Japanese, English and Chinese are the main languages. 

Q. Please tell me the payment method at the front desk.
A. Cash, credit card, and some electronic money are accepted. 

Q. Can I pay the accommodation tax at front desk?
A. Yes. 

Q. Is there housekeeping for every day? How about long-term stays.
A. We do not do housekeeping every day. Basically, we do cleaning once a week.

Q. Is the check-in place at the front desk of the hotel in Stay SAKURA Tokyo?
A. Yes, please check-in at each facility.

Q. What is the check-in / check-out time? (Is it possible to extend?)
A. Check-in is from 15:00 to 21:00 and check-out is until 11:00 (Late check-out is possible for a fee. However, please contact us as it depends on the reservation status on the day before and on the day.)

Q. Is there any pick-up service?
A. No. We do not offer a pick-up service.

Q. Is there any the luggage storage service?
A. AsakusaTown-house does not store or receive luggage.

Q. I would like to send my parcel in advance, is it possible?
A. It is possible. Please make arrangements to arrive the day before or two days before check-in.

■About Facilities and Equipment                            
Q. Is Wi-Fi available?                          
A. It is available in the entire building.

Q. Is there any restaurant in hotel? Or, Do you serve meals?      
A. There is no restaurant. In addition, we do not provide meals or breakfast.

Q. Is the bath and toilet separate?   
A. Basically it is separate. (Some rooms are large sanitary room types and the toilets are not separate.)

Q. Are there barrier-free facilities?
A. We apologize, but we do not have barrier-free facilities.

Q. Is there any parking lot? Is it free?
A. There is no parking lot. Please use a nearby coin parking lot.

Q. Can I smoke in hotel? Or is there any smoking area?            
A. All facilities are non-smoking, and some facilities have outdoor smoking spaces. Yokozuna (2F) / Asakusa-Townhouse (under the non-stairs on the 1st floor) / Hyakukura (outdoor) / Art Deco (outdoor)

Q. What amenities do you offer?
A. Shampoo / conditioner / body soap / toothbrush and toothpaste / face towel / bath towel etc.

Q. Is there any washing machine or laundry?
A. It depends on facility. Yokozuna / Edo Nomai / Art Deco Hotel has laundry machines in common area / Asakusa-Townhouse at each room. And it is not available in Hyakukura.

Q. Is there any rental equipment for young children?
A. No.

Q. Is there any nightwear?
A. Nightwear is available for free rental. If you would like this, please let the front desk know at check-in. *There is no nightwear in Asakusa-Townhouse, so please prepare by yourself. Please ask the front desk stuff when you check-in.

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